Written by  :  Fakey McFake (4)
Written on  :  Jun 27, 2003
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Extraordinary game!

The Good

The game is superb. A true example of what may be accomplished in the domain of, dare I say it, art. Stunning graphics, smooth animations, breathtaking sound-track, witty dialogue, it has it all. Now, I shall make points about how MAT is oh so wrong:

1.) "Graphic was about to be funny to us players, huh? They did it on purpose, and they actually thought we could like that ... Imagine every character's head like a rectangle with a certain depth, and face made like with a few coal lines. "

If you actually READ the manual, you would know that they were meant to look like "Calaveras", dolls used during the Day of the Dead festival to symbolize deceased relatives. And though the vertices were clearly defined, it looked right. And be glad they could get such detailed expressions with those "coal lines".


"...just for the records, your driver was like two times bigger than the car he's driving. It could seem funny, but very soon it becomes stupidly annoying..."

Again, you miss the point. Thats one of the reasons why we like Glottis. He's big. Its not necessarily funny, nor was it intended to be. Its ironic. He's a Demon who's only purpose is to drive, and he has to hack apart a car to fit in it. Hence, irony. And, his personality wouldn't really work if he were smaller. In fact, I can think of only two gags in which his size is the main factor: when he pops out of his work shed in the beggining, and {SPOILER} at the end when he hugs and nearly suffocates (uh, I guess thats not an issue) Manny.


"...the game would be much more funnier or interesting if the skeletons (and that includes all the characters) looks more vicious, like the one from Diablo or some AD&D games..."

They aren't supposed to be "vicious". Again, see No. 1 for some specifics about the art. The characters are made to be charismatic. The idea is to identify with them, explore their personality and watch as they develop and grow. You need to feel Manny's frustration, Glottis vehicle obsession, Meche's abandonment, Hector's ruthlesness, etc. These aren't static characters.


"...Way to go Lucas! You drove your best customers crazy and mad..."

I don't agree with that.

The Bad

The one flaw is the two puzzles that require complete precision. However, once you learn the trick, it becomes immensley easy. Every rose has it's thorns.

The Bottom Line

This is not a request. This is an order. Get the game. Now. Run, don't walk. If you alreay have the game, buy another copy and display it on your mantle.

The game is marvelous.

*Though the review has been quoted and edited (using ...) nothing has been ommitted or added in the used sections. The author will probably hate me now, but I figure I could use some more enemys.