Written by  :  Everett Lamb (10)
Written on  :  Jul 31, 2004

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Favourite Adventure game

The Good

Basically everything, from the creative story to the sharply defined characters. This game might seem long to some gamers, but once you start to play this masterpiece, it captures you into playing more. One of the great aspects of the game is the music, which like most adventure games music is a top contributing factor, I especially enjoyed Companeros from the Day of the Festival. Out of all the characters, Bruno was by far the funniest. I won't spoil the end, but the way in which you defeat Hector LeMans is surprising and unique.

The Bad

During one part of the game I've encountered a bug/glitch, when Manny picks up the huge heavy axe, his head disappeared only leaving the neck. Funny at first, uncomfortable the next.

The Bottom Line

A classic Adventure game.