Grimm's Hatchery Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Main menu.
Difficulty select. The harder levels contain Easter Eggs. No you can't hatch the easter eggs.
The story so far...
A tutorial will guide you through the beginning. You do have the option of turning this feature off though.
At the first farm; "Grimm's Farm"
The dragonfly has laid an egg.
At the hatching kettle where you can risk an egg and try and make a creature.
Leave my pets alone you beasts!
Looking at the town map. Better farms are not yours to purchase yet and better parts of town are not welcoming you either.
Interacting with the environment of the poor part of town.
Your step-brother, the jerk.
At the end of the day you can visit other parts of town to purchase supplies or go on to the next day.
The geese sometimes lay a golden egg. Yes you can hatch out a golden goose as well.
With this key I will unlock a better part of town.
At Greenwhich square. That guy in the back is the apothecary.
Buying better pets.
Taking a look at the pets on hand.
At Hobb's Cottage there seems to be something in the yard.
Mrs. Butter is selling her sister's place.
The magnificent Rosewood Manor.
East Crest Court is filled with posh patrons who treat you like dirt.
The tractor on the left will pick up eggs for you on its own.