Grotesque Tactics: Premium Edition (Windows)

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Grotesque Tactics: Premium Edition Credits

Silent Dreams

Creative DirectorRayk Kerstan
Game DesignerRayk Kerstan
CTOCarsten Edenfeld
Lead ProgrammerCarsten Edenfeld
Interface ProgrammerAndreas Rothkegel, Christoph Sweeren
Concept ArtistAlina Sielka
2D Character TexturesVivian Rentsch
Interface ArtVivian Rentsch
3D Character ModelingMatthäus Saternus
AnimationMatthäus Saternus
2D & 3D LeveldesignAlexander Wagner
Additional GraphicsMarcus Braun, Dennis Day, Horst Dworczak, Jeanne Haberland, James R. Mearman, Carina Schrom, Pilgrim
Particle EffectsMatthäus Saternus, Alexander Wagner
SFXAlexander Wagner, Kai Walter
MusicNicolas C. Lewentorp, Kai Walter
'Dark Church' ThemeBorislav Slavov (Glorian)
Lead QAVivian Rentsch
QA TesterSandra Kerstan, Christian Knaak, Wolfgang Mizukoshi, Matthäus Saternus, Benjamin Zurzevic
BusinessYves Lindecker
FinanceYves Lindecker
Special Thanks toCrenetic and Aruba for their help and the joined cigarette breaks, Trinigy for the fast answers even during insane hours, for the good cooperation and the fans! :), Boris Kruppa (for integrating the payment-system), Till Hagen (the German voice of Kevin Spacey for coughing ;)), Letty Felgendreher (as ticket-bonanza)

Headup Games GmbH & Co. KG

Managing DirectorDieter Schoeller
ProducingMarcel Aldrup
PRMichael Zolna
MarketingMichael Zolna
Financial AdvisorHans Christian Ahrenkiel
Special Thanks toNBGMultimedia [Distribution], Bartels Schöne (Webdesign), Cyprian Hercka (Logo Animation), Simon Pingen (SK Düren), Nicole Glockmann, Waterdown, Oliver Funke (The Pixelz)
Voice Talents (German)Marnie Aramruck, Tatjana Auster, Uta Dänekamp, René Dawn-Claude, Thomas Karallus, Tammo Kaulbarsch, Peter Kirchberger, Robert Missler, Martin Sabel, Erik Schäffler, Nadine Schreier, Detlef Tams, Charlotte Uhlig, Marion von Stengel

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