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    Ground Control's stunning graphics, intuitive camera control, tactical gameplay and unique multiplayer modes have taken the 3D real-time strategy game genre by storm.

    Introducing Ground Control: Dark Conspiracy, the official Ground Control expansion pack.

    Dark Conspiracy builds on Ground Control's award winning gameplay and technology, adding new missions, environments, units and multiplayer modes to the game that has taken the real-time strategy genre by storm. Taking off where the first game ended, Dark Conspiracy continues the story of Sarah Parker and Jarred Stone as they battle against the Order of the New Dawn.


    The battle for Krig 7b may be over, but the war is just getting started. After successfully defeating the Crayven and Order of the New Dawn forces on Krig 7b, Commander Sarah Parker and Deacon Jarred Stone are faced with an unsettling revelation: A doomsday faction of Order of the New Dawn is convinced they must "cleanse" the galaxy of life to appease their god. Acquiring the alien technology on Krig 7b was only the first step in their plan. It's up to Commander Parker to uncover this dark conspiracy and prevent them from fulfilling their prophecy.

    • New single player missions and multiplayer modes
    • Awesome new terrain and environments
    • A third faction with new playable units
    • Additional Crayven and Order of the New Dawn units and special weapons
    • The continuation of the Ground Control saga
    • Ground Control is required to play

    Contributed by NGC 5194 (17485) on May 22, 2004.