Advertising Blurbs (Publisher's website):

    Ground Control – легендарная игра, ставшая одной из основоположниц жанра action/RTS и повествующая о вооруженном конфликте двух гигантских корпораций. Благодаря использованию разнообразных юнитов, каждый из которых можно модернизировать по своему усмотрению, вы получите возможность создать себе уникальную армию и продемонстрировать ее эффективность в многочисленных футуристических битвах, происходящих на отдаленных планетах галактики.

    Особенности игры

    • Уникальная смесь action и стратегии в реальном времени.
    • Огромная кампания для одиночного прохождения.
    • Трехмерный мир, насыщенный спецэффектами.
    • Минимум экономики. Ваша задача – руководить армией, а не крестьянами.
    • Десятки разнообразных наземных и воздушных юнитов, наделенных широкими возможностями кастомизации.
    • Разнообразные режимы сетевой игры.
    • В комплект поставки входит редактор ресурсов игры.

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UK Sierra catalogue 2000-2001:

    By combining frentic-paced action with tactics, Ground Control offers a fresh gameplay experience for all action, RTS and wargames enthusiasts. Played out through two different campaigns in various stunning 3D terrain, players command their customisable squads as they vie for control of a distant planet. In addition to the single-player experience, Ground Control offers both classic and pioneering multiplayer options, including a drop-in mode formerly reserved for 1st person shooting games.

  • Ground Control eliminates many of the tedious aspects of typical RTS games and focuses its gameplay on tactics, strategy, and the art of battle.

  • Choose and arm your troops. Various types of tanks, hover bikes, airplanes, and soldiers will be at your disposal. Each unit type has special weapons, abilities, and armour.

  • A gripping story line will unfold as you command your troops through 3d single-player missions.

  • Battle your friends or enemies via the Internet or LAN.

    "Stunning graphics and explosive gameplay"
    -- PC Gaming World

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Unknown Source:
    'Posession is the Law'

    Two competing corporations have gone to war over a distant world. your employer has placed you in command of a customizable army of ground and air forces -- victory is your only objective.

    Ground Control is an action-packed, visually stunning RTS that combines a host of features that makes it a truly unique gaming experience.

    - An amazing graphics engine creates a level of detail rarely seen in RTS games. Incredible lighting effects, expansive outdoor terrain and detailed units create a gaming environment unlike any other.

    - Ground Control's unique blend of action and strategy is appealing to action and RTS fans alike while its intuitive interface makes it accessible to both novice and advanced players.

    - Thirty single player missions are complemented by an innovative multiplayer component. Players can easily battle online in new multiplayer modes, including deathmatch-style drop-in games -- a first for RTS.

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