Ground Control Credits


Director & Lead Game Designer (Massive Entertainment)Martin Walfisz
Lead Software Engineer (Massive Entertainment)Dan Andersson
Technical Director (Massive Entertainment)Mats Grahm
Art Director (Massive Entertainment)Tobias Strömvall
Lead Mission Designer (Massive Entertainment)Henrik Sebring
Game Design (Massive Entertainment)Henrik Sebring, Martin Walfisz
Software Engineering (Massive Entertainment)Dan Andersson, Daniel Ljungberg, Johannes Norneby, Martin Rystrand
3D Engine Development (Massive Entertainment)Mats Grahm, Niklas Hansson
Art (Massive Entertainment)Thomas Bengtsson Cedhamre, Orhan Karagöz, Glenn Kristofferson, Joakim Månsson, Tobias Strömvall
Mission Design (Massive Entertainment)Per Edman, Niklas Åstrand, Anders Olsson, Johan Persson, Henrik Sebring
Music & Audio Effects (Massive Entertainment)Ola Strandh
Project Managment & QA Lead (Massive Entertainment)Peter Kullgard
QA Team (Massive Entertainment)Carl Fransson, Richard Hultgren, Fredrik Jansson, Peter Kullgard, Martin Persson
Game Story (Massive Entertainment)Henrik Sebring, Arinn Dembo, Martin Walfisz
Manual Content (Massive Entertainment)Henrik Sebring, Arinn Dembo
Additional Art (Massive Entertainment)Jonas Dahlin, Magnus Larsson
PR Coordinator (Massive Entertainment)Anne Eckles
Finances (Massive Entertainment)Mats Melander
Special Thanks To (Massive Entertainment)Tomas Althén, Patrik Berander, Arne Borg, Christian Franzén, Paul Grace, Sven Jansson, Björn Kullgart, Jeff Lee, Susan Cummings (ThinkBIG), Elizabeth Lindau, Mathias Malmqvist, Fredrik Nilsson, Magnus Nilsson, Patrik Nilsson, Ronnie Nilsson, Christian Pérez, Johan Ramestam, Andreas Selling, Stefan Sylvén, John Tillberg, Asa Wiebe, Chefen KA2, The Swedish Armed Forces
Senior Vice President (Sierra Studios)J. Mark Hood
Development (Sierra Studios)Jeff Pobst (Producer), Bernadette Pryor (Assistant Producer)
Cinematic Direction (Sierra Studios)James Carey (Directing & Editing), Jeff Pobst (Additional Direction)
Marketing (Sierra Studios)Koren Buckner (Director of Marketing), Djamil Kamal (European Brand Manager), Jelaine Kraetsch (Marketing Info. Assistant), Glenn Oliver (Marketing Producer), Ingrid Pelzer (Marketing Info. Manager), Marc A. Tardif (Associate Product Manager), James Veevaert (Vice President Marketing), Guy Welch (Web Editor)
Public Relations (Sierra Studios)Hillary Crowley (Public Relations Manager), Kellie Cosner (Public Relations Coordinator), Genevieve Waldman (Sr. Public Relations Manager)
Package Design (Sierra Studios)David Brzozowski (BlueSpark Studios), Dien Duong (BlueSpark Studios), Justin Kirby (MarCom Manager), Cheryl Sweeney (Game Manual), Orlena Yeung (Creative Services) Networking (Sierra Studios)David Cain (Quality Assurance), Erik DeBonte (Engineer), Eric J. Harman (Quality Assurance), Mike Nicolino (Engineer), Lee Olds (Engineer), Ross Perez (Producer), Brian Rothstein (Engineer), Len Skiena (Engineer), Noel Wade (Engineer), Dean Webster (Engineer)
Dialogue Recording (Sierra Studios)Lisa Dyson (Voice Casting Agent), Ben Houge (Voice Recording Specialist), LeAnn Koehnen (Voice Casting Agent), Huck Liggett (Voice Casting Agent), Martha Mayakis (Voice Casting Agent), Jeff Pobst (Voice Directing & Casting), Alex Triujeque (Voice Recording Engineer)
Voices Recorded atHollywood Recording Services - Hollywood - CA
Voice Casting AgencyThe Voicecaster - Burbank - CA
Talent PaymasterThe Talent Fund - Half-Moon Bay - CA
Cast of Characters (Sierra Studios)Dee Bradley Baker (Deacon Stone), Gregg A. Berger (Paladin Magnus), Nathan Carlson (Sergeant Cole), Philip Lewis Clarke (Cardinal Aegeri), Nicholas Guest ("M"), Jennifer Hale (Sarah Parker), David Jeremiah (Major Thomas), Mark Klastorin (Bishop Delendre), Allison Levine (Annie-1), Tasia Valenza (Enrica Hayes), Andre Ware (Ghost)
Additional Voice Acting (Sierra Studios)Anne Eckles, Lina Ehn
Squad & Dropship Voices (Sierra Studios)Dee Bradley Baker, Gregg A. Berger, Nathan Carlson, Philip Lewis Clarke, Nicholas Guest, Jennifer Hale, Nick Jameson, David Jeremiah, Mark Klastorin, Joyce Kurtz, Allison Levine, Michael McGaharn, Darren Norris, Anneliza Scott, Tasia Valenza, Andre Ware
Quality Assurance (Sierra Studios)Craig Bradford (QA Tester), Brian Burnett (QA Tester), Joseph Easter (QA Tester), Ken Eaton (QA Supervisor), Michael Grant (QA Tester), Erinn C. Hamilton (QA Tester), Danny Harrison (QA Tester), Zach Hays (QA Tester), David Johnson (QA Tester), Phil Kuhlmey (QA Tester), Cris Lee (QA Tester), Chad Martin (QA Tester), Chris Mason (QA Lead), Dan Nations (QA Tester), Quang Pham (QA Tester), Gary Stevens (QA Manager), Lester Stocker (QA Tester), Mark Storie (QA Tester), Brian Theissen (QA Tester), Dave Thomas II (QA Tester), Ryan Watson (QA Tester)
Hardware Compatibility (Sierra Studios)Pat Callahan (Compatibility Lab Manager), Eric Leaf (Compatibility Lab Technician), Brad Rosenthal (Compatibility Lab Technician)
Support Staff (Sierra Studios)Tracy Green (Tech. Support Lead), Matthew Kangas (Corp. Product Certification), Brian Moss (Tech. Support Manager)
Localization (Sierra Studios)David Fleming (Graphics Lead), Sean Forsyth (Engineering Lead), Stephen Forsyth (Engineering), Barry Kehoe (Producer), Sean Moran (QA Lead), Joanne Russell (Engineering), Bill Sweeney (Audio), Warren Wright (ROW Producer)
Special Thanks (Sierra Studios)Adam Fossa, Beth Freeman, Michael Fuller, Ralph Giuffre, David P. Grenewetzki, Suki Hayre, Mark Iverson, Hubert Joly, Doug Lombardi, Tassie Medlin, Brad Nelson, Fiona O'Carroll, Patricia Rice, Emmanuel Schalit, Christine Smith, Patricia Smith, Dave Williamson, Kelly Zmak, Ground Control Beta Testers
VERY SPECIAL THANKS TOSpouses and families for - most of them - still being there despite us ignoring them during crunch time, The Offspring for Pretty Fly - for a White Guy, Everyone at the Squad Leader photo session, PC for providing beer at desparate times, Kauren, Baugen, Husqvarna, Laserdome, Food at Palerno/Petros/Piaff/Brunnen/The Chinese place, Cillas Bafe, Coca Cola, The coffee machine - yes it also makes chocolate!, Brutal‑Akademien, Slitz, Massive Mobile, ...and everyone else who helped out! THANKS!
Uses Bink Video, Copyright © 1997-2000 byRAD Game Tools Inc.

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Credits for this game were contributed by MAT (174557) and Xoleras (66891)