Gruntz Credits (Windows)

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Gruntz Credits


Game DesignKevin Lambert, Nicholas Newhard, Chris Hewett
Lead ProgrammerKevin Lambert
ProgrammingToby Gladwell, Brian Long
Game Engine and toolsBrian L. Goble
Additional ProgrammingScott H. Pultz, Jeremy Blackman
Art and Cutscene DirectorPaul Renault
ArtGeoffrey Kaimmer, Aaron Carlson, Rick Winter
Cutscene Script and StoryKevin Lambert, Paul Renault
Rick Winter, Aaron Carlson, Peter Arisman
Cutscene AnimationRick Winter, Aaron Carlson, Peter Arisman
Additional ArtworkOscar Nebres, Janine Klees, Jason Calhoun, Steven Hartley, Jason Zeringue, Daniel Davis, Akika Tanaka, Rene Asis, Aaron Rose, Israel Evans, Ben Wilhelm, Paul Renault
Questz Level DesignBrennon Reid, Kevin Lambert
Battlez Level DesignChris Hewett, Kelly Kristek
Audio DirectorCassano Thruston
Sound Design and Movie CompilationCassano Thruston, James Ackley, Guy Whitmore
Music CompositionGuy Whitmore
Voice TalentDavid Scully
Instruction Manual Design and LayoutKevin Lambert, Samantha Ryan
Quality AssuranceJonathan Stein, Kelly Kristek, Merlyn Morgan Graham
Technical SupportBenny Kee, Bob Givnin
Marketing and SalesSamantha Ryan, Camille Ball, Shane Thompson, Joel Reiff, Paul Butterfield, Jenni Gant
Web Creation and DesignSpencer Maiers
Information Systems--for keeping things running...Jim Totaro, Eric Minamoto
Operations--for keeping us happy...Patti Pudinski, Wayne Burns, Andrea Barringer, Lynn Rott, Sandra Watanabe
ProducerChris Hewett
Based on an original design concept by Nick Newhard and inspired by Helen Newhard.Nicholas Newhard, Helen Newhard

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Credits for this game were contributed by Nick Newhard (109)