Written by  :  Afex Tween (173)
Written on  :  Feb 26, 2004
Rating  :  4.5 Stars4.5 Stars4.5 Stars4.5 Stars4.5 Stars

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Marvelouz creaturez

The Good

Needless to say, "Gruntz" is one of the sweetest games you'll ever meet! Little creaturez are just sooo cute, you'll be looking at them all way long with a stupid smile. Watching gruntz hitting each other with showelz or tubez, or playing with different toyz, or just listening to their funny commentz spoken in cutest voicez will immediately soften every frozen soul. The game is just soo cute...

"Gruntz" is also one of the rare "Lemmings" clone that have very little to do with its predecessor. Apart from puzzle and strategy elementz, it also combinez such genrez as adventure and action, and even have multiplayer mode. Apparently, there are two main modez to play: "Quest", where yo have to move your grunt (or a group of gruntz) from the current place to a little fort with your king walking in it, plus you have to find and bring with you a piece of amulet on your way to the fort. In "Battle" mode you just have to kill your enemiez and take over the enemy fort. You can choose the type of scene you want to play on this second mode, while you have to follow the direct order in the "Quest" one.

The graphicz and controlz are very effective. The game is played in Top-down perspective, but with a lot of great effectz and animationz. The interface is also very nice - it is mouse-driven and very easy to learn.

Same commentz goes to music and soundz - they are cute and effective.

The Bad

Despite of the fact that I can't consider the game to be one of the best in any genre, or just to be "flawless", the only reason why you can not enjoy it I can think of is, again, its sweetness. If "Lemmings 2" was too much for you (the reason of cute lemmingz), then "Gruntz" will certainly put you away from this one.

So, lemmingz haterz - beware!

The Bottom Line

An excellent puzzle-hybrid game for all the family which is too cute to be missed! Two thumbz up! (Oh, and just excuse me for my zzzzzzz, but I just can't stand it)