Gruntz Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Main Menu
An ice setting
Beating other gruntz in a battle
Capturing an enemy fort
Each level starts with a Grunt warping in. This one's at the start of tutorial level 1.
Gruntz are moved by left-clicking them to select them and then right clicking where they are to go. They won't walk through water.
Look closely and you'll see that the area is made up of many levels. A Grunt will not climb, they will only go up & down stairs. The white tablets with '!' marks on them are information points
Pressure plates like this are save game points
This is the save game screen
The objective of each level is to collect a piece of the warpstone and take it to the king. This is a tutorial so it's been easy to find. When presented with the stone the king will do a little dance.
Mission Succeeded!
Every level is followed by a score, or mission failed. After this the Grunt warps to the next level.
Gruntz can pick up toolz, their spelling not mine. Toolz enables Gruntz to do things. These gauntlets allow the Grunt to crush rocks, they're also useful in a fight
Getting the Grunt to destroy a rock is as easy as clicking on it like this
Gruntz can only carry one tool so when this guy walked into a goober straw he threw away his gauntlets. At least he seems happy about his new tool.
A goober straw is used to suck up goo. When the Grunt has sucked enough goo they bake it in an oven and make another Grunt.
As they say in the cookery programs 'Here's one I baked earlier'. The Grunt has baked his goo into another Grunt that can be dropped onto the play area
This is the game load screen, it's quite similar to the save screen
Hooray! My Grunt's just won a fight. Now if he had a straw he could suck that up
Gruntz like toys. This one's certainly pleased with his ball. The objective is to use the ball to distract the well armed guard and then to sneak past
That didn't go too well!
Game Over