GTR 2: FIA GT Racing Game Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main menu
The loading screens show an overview of the next track.
A training round
There are several dozens of tutorials available.
By completing challenges you unlock new stuff.
The game knows several stages of weather.
Setting up a race weekend.
The calm before the race with an overview of everything you need to know.
"Gentlemen, start your engines!"
Only a few seconds left till the start of the formation round.
You can deactivate the on-screen display if you wish.
Seems like I lost sight of everyone else or I am 1st place (not plausible).
Taking a quick peak out of the window at the crowds.
Isn't that a nice looking row?
A successful overtake on my part
A very narrow turn up ahead
Only 14th place but the race is still long.
If you enter the pit, you are given this information about the condition of your car.
The pit crew gets to work.
Time to admire your great looking car.
Hockenheim (on-board cockpit)
Unlike rFactor, you can customize the game itself. In this shot you can see a Dodge Viper in its stock blue-white colour in the Donington Park track.