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The Guild 2: Renaissance (Windows)

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The Guild 2: Renaissance Credits

Runeforge Game Studio

Project LeadHeinrich Meyer
Lead ArtistStephan Kubisch
Lead Game DesignHeinrich Meyer
Technical DirectorFabian Hackhofer
ProgrammingFabian Hackhofer
Additional Concept & Game DesignJakob Marczynski, Fabian Hackhofer, Tobias Horn
ScriptingFabian Hackhofer, Heinrich Meyer, Jakob Marczynski
2D & 3D ArtistsStephan Kubisch, Jakob Marczynski
Additional ArtistsAndre Panzerzynski, Isabell Panzerzynski
Map DesignTobias Horn, Stephan Kubisch, Heinrich Meyer
Quality Assurance ManagerTobias Horn
Renaissance SoundtrackYannick Süß, Robin Birner
Sound FXRobin Birner, Yannick Süß
ManualAngelika Lorenz
BetatestingAlex Marocchi (Rocky_4r), Ivan Lábaj (Aragornil), Patrick Donghia (pad11), Siriusgirl, Marcus Reichel, Alexander Just, Angelika Lorenz
ForenmoderatorenMerlin1, Freiherr Reinhold, nirvana

JoWooD Entertainment AG / Production

ProducerReinhard Pollice
Testing CoordinatorDan Dawang
Localisation ManagerGennaro Giani

Marketing and PR – Europe

Head of PublishingStefan Berger
Marketing ManagerMarkus Reutner
Product Marketing ManagerRoswitha Hauke
PR ManagerTamara Berger, Clemens Schneidhofer
Community ManagementMegalomaniac
Graphic ArtistSabine Schmid
WebErnst Satzinger, Christian Hutterer
Trailer CreationErnst Satzinger
Age Rating CoordinatorThomas Reisinger
International SalesRoland Hobiger
Online SalesThomas Reisinger
ManufacturingMasen Watti

Legal Affairs and Business Development

Legal AffairsKourosh Onghaie
Business DevelopmentReinhard Pollice, Stefan Berger

Executive Management JoWooD Group

CEOFranz Rossler
CFOKlemens Kreuzer

Dreamcatcher Interactive / Marketing and PR – North America

Product Marketing ManagerDan Dawang, Bryan Cook
PR CoordinatorMichael Mota
Art DirectorJay Kinsella
Graphic DesignersEsther Sucre
Online Marketing and Web DesignTed Thompson
SalesEric Edwards
CEORoman Wenzl

External QA

CEOStefan Seicarescu
Lead TesterSzilveszter Pap
TestersZoltan Szilagyi, Christian Arva

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Credits for this game were contributed by Klaster_1 (57973)