Guild Wars: Nightfall Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

New character selection screen for Guild Wars Nightfall
The Sunspear Great Hall; Headquarters of Elona's protectors
A Female Dervish, one of the new character professions in Guild Wars
Resurrection Guards can give you promotion point bonuses for killing certain types of monsters.
A Dervish carving up a plant-like creature with her scythe.
Map of Elona. Istan are the islands to the south-west. This is where you start as a new Nightfall character.
A male paragon, one of the two new professions in Nightfall.
Nightfall introduces the concept of "Heroes", NPC followers which you can customise to suit your needs.
The Kodash Bazaar in Vabbi.
Zoomed map of Vabbi (Normal Mode)
Zoomed map of Istan (Hard Mode)
Realm of Torment map
Domain of Anguish (outpost) - Nightfall Elite Mission
An overview in the Realm of Torment - note the claws in the front; the environment appears so that the player walks on gigantic insect lying on the back
Protecting the Eternal Forgemaster from Menzies' Shadow Army in the Fissure of Woe
After a few quests, the Eternal Forgemaster allows players to craft the most expensive armor in the game
One of the two bone dragons in the Fissure
After completing all 11 quests, the Fissure Chests spawns in the heart of the Temple of War in the Fissure of Woe
The players helping Grenth, the god of death, in its yearly fight against Dwayna in Kamadan during Wintersday 2008
Grenth has won! And as a bonus for the help of the players, he sends his Grentches out to kill everyone on sight. =)
April Fool's Day 2009 in Kamadan