Guild Wars Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

The original character selection screen.
The redesigned character selection screen
The world map of Tyria - each pin represents either a mission (silver), a big city (gold) or an arena (red)
A zoomed section of the world map, including the location description of one of the many missions. I'm currently at the green marker.
One of the many loading screens. This one is from the Crystal Desert.
An elementalist in beautiful Ascalon City.
One of the six classes available in the game: The Mesmer. Note that you can multi-class in Guild Wars (and it's encouraged).
Can't seem to get anyone to party with you or needing a little more help in an existing party? Each town has an area where you can hire henchmen (NPCs) to aid you in your quests.
There are no such things as healing/mana potions in Guild Wars making monks a vital asset to any party.
You don't need to be in a guild for some PvP action. Just enter your local arena to be randomly assigned in a team for some 4v4 combat!
Creating a guild is as easy as going up to a registrar and signing up (after paying a nominal fee of course :))
When you get enough gold, you can even design your own guild cape with the templates provided.
Playing around with the various windows, each of them are transparent, resizable, movable and can overlap others. You can have all of them open or none of them.
All the cutscenes are scripted, so the entire individual party can be shown (including minions).
Battling the crystal dragon Glint - one of the hardest enemies in the game.
Starting a random PvP game - the match begins in a few seconds when the gate opens.
Eight heroes begin the exploration of the Underworld.
Mad King Thorn's visit at Halloween 2008 in Lion's Arch - though only a few people here, note the huge number of districts top left
Running around with famous Deldrimor dwarven NPC Kilroy Stoneskin through Sorrow's Furnace to defeat the Stone Summit dwarf Gulnar Irontoe.
A vision from Glint on the Ring of Fire bloodstone in front of the Door of Komalie - a minute after the Prophecies end boss was slain right here.
Prophecies end game area - King Jalis Ironhammer gives an item to exchange for one of the Deldrimor end game weapons from the dwarfs left and right from him.
Observing a battle in the Hall of Heroes, the final map of the Heroes' Ascent tournament. Three 8-player teams fighting here. The blue team was the winner some minutes ago and must now defend the hall
Opening the PvP Reward Chest, which drops PvE stuff.. keys are awarded for success in PvP and betting on monthly tournaments (mAT)
A cinematic view of Lion's Arch after entering Tyria with a non-Tyrian character for the first time
Exchanging Candy Cane Shards against special Wintersday weapons, like the Gingerbread Focus
The final of Wintersday 2008 in Lion's Arch - Dwayna, the goddess of life, is about to win with the help of the players, with a score of 1070:5 =)