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Gumboy: Crazy Adventures (Windows)

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Gaming Target
At a price of 19.99, involving nature, and simple yet complicated gameplay, Gumboy: Crazy Adventures is a very good bargain. While it would have been great to play it on a console rather than on the PC, the game still provides an entertaining venue to spend those lazy afternoons
PC Gameplay (Benelux)
Maar bovenal schittert deze Indie game alweer door de prachtige gameplay die soms wat aan die andere Indie klassieker Gish doet denken. Kopen en spelen! Of spelen (demo) en kopen! Je mag kiezen.
Game Vortex
Gumboy: Crazy Adventures is an interesting mix of new mechanics and standard gameplay that makes this game worth the download trial, if nothing else.
80 (UK)
Sporting a beautiful hand-painted look, and an endearingly weird lead character who communicates only in excited squeaks and gurgles like some untroubled multi-amputee baby, it's like the arthouse brother of Wik and the Fable of Souls. It may be lacking the immediacy and universal appeal of Geometry Wars or Peggle, but it approaches the current indie fad of game physics with a huge amount of charm and depth.
Out Of Eight
Gumboy: Crazy Adventures is certainly a unique game, which is something quite rare in today’s PC gaming market. While the physics and controls take some getting used to, there is no denying that Gumboy: Crazy Adventures is original. The puzzle design is fantastic, taking advantage of the strengths of the game and introducing various power-ups to vary the gameplay. The game can be difficult, as the mode of transportation doesn’t exactly lend itself to precision movement. But, at only $10, Gumboy: Crazy Adventures certainly brings a lot of bang for your bucks. It may not be the most complete puzzle game available, but Gumboy: Crazy Adventures takes its one major strength and stretches it over a decent series of levels. While not everyone will enjoy the lack of the pick-up-and-play atmosphere, there is more than enough gaming goodness present in Gumboy: Crazy Adventures to justify its purchase for anyone seriously interested in platform games.
Game Shark
Everything in the game just fits; there is an obvious amount and love and care put into this game by the developers which pays huge dividends in the end. It’s the little things, like how the Gumboy model actually deforms in real-time, which also affects how it interacts with the environment – this tends to happen when you ram something a little too hard. Even the price is right as it’s available on Steam for $9.95. Gumboy: Crazy Adventures isn’t perfect and does carry with it a bit of your typical puzzle-game tedium, but this remains a solid, well-crafted game that is well worth your time.