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Gameplay (Benelux) (Jul, 2008)
Gumboy Tournament is dan ook een intense en bijzonder leuke multiplayer ervaring die evenwel niet veel meer te maken heeft met het ontdekken van een fantasiewereld en het oplossen van leuke puzzels. Wat wel is gebleven zijn de wondermooie decors en graphics die je zelfs in deze razendsnelle multiplayer game doen halt houden om af en toe van de omgeving te genieten. Gewoon meesterlijk mooi!
Out Of Eight (Jun 04, 2009)
Gumboy Tournament deserves a 7/8 because of its original, fast, and fun gameplay that melds a good physics engine, a unique style, and an assortment of control options. However, since it is a multiplayer game, the multiplayer must be smooth, and restricting the online matches to run off a server located in Europe results in unplayable conditions. That’s too bad, since Gumboy Tournament is pretty darn fun. Each of the four game modes is simple enough for everyone to enjoy and promote fast-paced action-oriented gameplay that is well suited for multiplayer affairs. The non-violent gameplay is appropriate for all ages, and the overall theme and tone is certainly geared towards a wider audience. Adding more traditional control schemes makes Gumboy Tournament far more inviting than its predecessor, and ultimately the game is more enjoyable.
IGN (Jun 03, 2009)
Although Gumboy Tournament has no real game-killing flaws and is good at what it sets to do, the concept really isn't all that fun. The nature of the game forces a frantic pace, but offers a fairly one-dimensional experience in the end. You can have fun with this game, but it never really engages you or sucks you in. You won't be playing this for hours on end, and for a game meant to be played with others, your friends aren't going to be asking to play it, either. Although the game only retails for $19.99, there are better things to spend that money with such as Infinite Interactive's challenging Puzzle Quest, PopCap Game's amazingly addictive Peggle, or 400 real gumballs, all of which will give you much more enjoyment for the value.
50 (Jan 31, 2009)
Zaměření ryze na multiplayer je patrné na každém kroku a i když to nelze brát za nedostatek, takovéto hry stojí a padají na tom, že musí být s kým hrát. Pokud někoho takového najdete, jde o svižnou zábavu a nebýt občasného lagování a podivné hudby, bylo by to mnohem lepší, stejně jako při existenci více druhů prostředí.
GamesRadar (Jul 25, 2008)
If Gumboy Tournament was a controllable yet dull game it would be passable – maybe even OK. But as it stands its nauseating, greased-pig feel makes it devoid of fun and value. If you’re of a tender disposition, hungover, or prone to travel sickness then this balletic nine-player nut-party will send you running to the toilet.