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Gunman Chronicles (Windows)

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Advertising Blurbs

Print advertisement - PC Player 12/2000:

    ...schon wieder mal zu sp t? Keine Panik, noch ist nichts gelaufen!

    GUNMAN CHRONICLES – komplett auf Englisch, ungek rzt und nur f r ganz kurze Zeit.



    Contributed by Patrick Bregger (143028) on Oct 04, 2010.

Sierra Entertainment Official Website:
    An intensely addictive action experience powered by the Half-Life engine!

    Trouble is brewing in this sleepy western spiral of the galaxy. ItÂ’s been five years since the infestation of the alien Xenomes started - five years since The General, leader of the Gunmen, fell in battle leaving you to take command. Now, a mysterious presence has tinkered with the DNA of these Xenomes, making them bigger and stronger than before, and the scourge is spreading once again. As leader of the Gunman, the only law in this area of the galaxy, you must set things right. Find the source of this hostile invasion, and clear these alien scum from the rim or the galaxy!

    Gunman Chronicles combines a wild-west sensibility with high-tech styling to create a thrilling and visually unique first-person action experience - powered by the Half-Life engine! All of the amazing effects and frighteningly realistic AI that made Half-Life the undisputed king of first-person action have been brought to Gunman Chronicles, a tale of revenge and redemption on the rim of the galaxy.


    Contributed by Indra is stressed (20013) on May 04, 2003.

front of box:
    It's high noon in deep space.

    Contributed by jeremy strope (126) on Jun 16, 2001.

back of box:
    An intensely addictive action experience powered by the Half-Life engine.

    Contributed by jeremy strope (126) on Jun 15, 2001.

Back of the box:
    It's been five years since you took control of the Gunmen, after the General fell in battle fighting the alien Xenomes.

    Now the Xenomes are back in force, but this time there's a sinister presence controlling them. The infestation has taken a new, deadlier form and they're wiping out your forces.

    You're on your own, facing a gang of genetically-engineered aliens and the desperados controlling them. Luckily you've brought your guns.... lots of them.

    - An all-new gripping tale of betrayal and revenge: over 40 hours of action-packed gameplay

    - Four immense and unique worlds to pacify

    - Extensive weapon customisations options - up to 32 configurations per weapon

    - Dozens of different genetically modified mutants track you with fiendish intelligence

    - Intense multiplayer action with up to 32 gunmen via LAN or the Internet

    Contributed by Kic'N (4214) on Apr 26, 2001.