Guxt Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Title screen
Ok, here we go!
Weapon upgrades!
Squid-like enemies
The game is monochrome, except for the enemies' bullets.
First boss
After shooting the cannons, the true face of the boss appears!
Defeated the first boss. If you continue to shoot at the boss you get a shield powerup, like in the pictures!
Second stage. The squids are back, moving these large asteroid looking blocks...
Since the squids move upwards, it's a good thing to have the backwards firing weapon here!
This game seems to have an obsession with eyes!
Attacking the second boss!
Second form of the second boss
Third stage. Just got the 'wide' weapon!
Approaching land.
Is it a space station?
Better move away from there quickly...
Many enemies move in formations like this.
Under heavy fire
More of level 3
These blocks can be removed by shooting at them.
Checkpoint! So you don't have to play the entire stage again!
Approaching the third boss.
Fighting against the third boss.
See the glasses? It's a cameo by Jack from Cave Story!
Big eye shooting at you
The squids are getting tougher...
The fourth boss moves up and down, with rotating 'arms'.