Half-Life 2: Episode Two Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Main menu
Title screen
Chapter selection
The aftermath of the explosion of City17.
Havoc in City17
Alyx is still alive and looking good.
Despite its destruction, the citadel is still active.
The bridge with the train rains down to the ground.
This was definitely not a safe hiding spot.
This little fellow is needed for one of the Achievements.
An abandoned Russian mine.
A hunter attacks Alyx (one of the new enemies).
Yes, the good old valve is again part of the game.
Swimming to the surface.
Baby Antlions
An Antlion-web
Two rather depressed friendlies.
Alyx was injured and a Vortigaunt heals her.
A Vortigaunt helps defending the position.
The Vortigaunts have powerful attacks.
The eggs needed to cure Alyx.
A familiar face
Transportation is lovely in this episode.
Alyx & Freeman caught by an Advisor.
This area is heavily guarded.
D.O.G. fights a Strider.
Inside the homebase
A nice little upgrade
Striders cannot be taken out using regular means here.
Watching the portal from a distance.
Inside a hangar, moving to the helicopter.
Dog helps out.
A Strider dummy
Two kitchen dwellers with three men.
White forest base
The house on the top of the hill
Outside view of the house
Hunters stopping by for a cup of tea.
The vortigaunt calling for help after the initial Hunter attack.
A disgusting close up of a Zombine.
I guess there's no need for transmissions in the future.