Written by  :  vicrabb (7299)
Written on  :  Apr 16, 2008
Platform  :  Windows
Rating  :  4.57 Stars4.57 Stars4.57 Stars4.57 Stars4.57 Stars

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Short but fun

The Good

Half-Life 2: Lost Coast is just a map that was included in Half-Life 2 game but was cut for the final release.

So, the developers took the opportunity to release it alone that you can download on Steam for nothing. Yep, Lost Coast is free. So, why not enjoy it?

Lost Coast is most a demo for the HDR, the system enhancing effects of light and graphics. And they just add the possibility to hear comments from their team. Later, it would become a major feature in the Episodes. It was experimented here, in Lost Coast.

It's true that the enhanced graphics were really great. The fisher you meet is really well-detailed and the effects in the church are really very superb.

And I liked hearing the comments, even if the feature enables the god mod and takes control of the game if needed but you can have a lot of stories or technical stuff.

But Lost Coast is also fun to play. You have Combines to kill, a missile launcher to stop (oh yes, it's launching Headcrab missiles on the town in the background, making it a Ravenholm 2) and some little acrobatic things. The gameplay is the same as HL2, you grab a weapon, you shoot, you duck, etc.. Soundtrack isn't really marvelous but it's HL2, so, it's good.

Oh, I forget to explain two things: Combines and Ravenholm. If you've played HL2, you already know about them. But if not, you can't really understand what I'm talking about.

Combines are the race who had invaded our world after the Black Mesa Incident, related in the first Half-Life trilogy. Their political beliefs are very clear: enslaving human race and making it disappear, not with massive killing, but with enrolling them in the Metro Cop or with making them Stalkers, poor humans without brains, without real limbs, well, something awful.

Ravenholm is a town near Black Mesa East, the main base of the Resistance before White Forest (another base in HL2 Ep2), leaded by Eli Vance. City 17 citizens that escaped their town were living there peacefully until the Combines bombed them with special missiles, containing Headcrabs. The goal was achieved: practically everyone there is a zombie.

That's why I'm fearing that the costal town would be the next Ravenholm. Because of these Headcrabs missiles.

The Bad

HL2: Lost Coast is short, very short. If you don't want to hear comments, the game will be finished in 15 minutes. As I stated previously, Lost Coast is more a demo for technical stuff than a real mod or extension.

What I didn't like is the fact that I was stuck in my quest because I couldn't see clearly the path, even with my flashlight.

I can't really find another default because I know why Lost Coast was released and I also know that it's just a free thing for players who want to see enhanced graphics or hearing comments and not for hardcore ones.

The Bottom Line

HL2: Lost Coast is just one map, with enhanced graphics and hearing comments from the developers, without great expectation. So, you can download it without problem because Lost Coast is still fun to play and the graphics in the church are worthy to be seen. So, go for it!