Half-Life: Generation (3rd release) (Windows)

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Spanish version

In Spain, there were three releases of Half Life Generation. The first only includes Half-Life and Opposing Force, but comes in a deluxe box with a T-shirt. The second includes HL, OF and a localized version of Counter-Strike (see below). The third version includes HL, OF, Blue Shift and CS (it is unknown if it was localized or if it works).

In the second Spanish release, the Counter-Strike edition was a try of localization. It was translated but only works on servers running that specific version. By the way, the updater never works because it only updates the English version and there was no website to download or update the Spanish release, so you had to be really lucky to find an active server to play. Most of the Spanish CS gamers seemed to download the free English version.

Also, the manuals were not included, so the whole content of the box was only two jewel cases with three discs.

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