Half-Life: Opposing Force Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Main menu (original version)
Main menu (Steam version)
Your Soldeirs in the intro helicopter sequence.
Zombie tosses a scienteist threw the window.
Besides the flashlight in Half-Life you get Nightvision goggles.
You get help along the way.
Be careful what you run into. One of the easy obstacles.
A scientist, trying to save one of your comrades.
No crowbar this time, only french keywrench.
High voltage! Only way across is to just as high as you can (ya know, duck and jump sametime, hehe).
Tunnels are frequent in Half-Life series, doncha think?
Toxic wastes usually require jumping-on-the-crates tactic.
Strange, but even guards will be helpfull, no matter you're a soldier.
You have to evacuate, but you'll never get to this plane in time.
You'll have to choose sometimes, to stick with your comrades, or to kill 'em and save scientists.
Jumping through the flame bursts.
Even thinking parts are quite interesting now.
You should watch about the medics as they can be useful when you catch a bullet.
You can bring the medic to wounded engineer and healing magic works.
Engineers are especially useful when it comes to cutting doors.
There'll be portals here, too.
After saving a scientist, lead him to the door that needs to be opened.
It appears this Corporal (you in OF) has seen much more then Freeman (you in HL).
You'll have to feed this lizzard-weapon with some kinda bubble-gum, but it splashes a fine damage.
A hologram that'll inform you about untested alien weapon-creature you can have, just next door.
There's a big frickin' gigantic worm that just pleads to be punished for his deeds. Not an easy assignment, though.
Sniper can take any human target with a single hit. Which of course, cannot be said for alien targets.
No matter the alien counterstrike, ordering a backup can only be made by an irrational decision.
An enemy warp portal left open (it's all a matter of timing).
Loading screen, note that Gordon Freeman now is switched to a bad-ass marine.
On Xen again...
Some soldiers captured a big alien
The desert eagle is much more powerful than the glock pistol
Some nasty fish aliens - glad there's a window between them and you
The new machine gun and a Voltigore alien
Shooting with a mortar turret
Fighting in the sewers
Black Ops
The pit worm boss
"Race X" aliens
Sniping some black ops
Killed a really nasty "super zombie" which appear in Opposing Force. They're really fast and hard to kill
Shot from the "Full Metal Jacket"-style boot camp level
These alien soldiers are shooting with some kind of "electro ants"