Written by  :  Jorge Elosegui (1)
Written on  :  Oct 22, 2003
Platform  :  Windows

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Worst game ever played.

The Good

Intro cinematics were cool.

The Bad

Demands too much PC resources.However, it performs really bad. Graphics are clumsy and response to controls has a few mSeconds delay. Realism is totally missing here. It looks like a pretty old game. Well, it is coming from XBox after all. It does so little with so much PC resources! Keep in mind I was using a top of the line PC. 2.0 GHzt CPU, More than enough HD, 1 GB DDR RAM, 128 MB GForce 4 NVidia, etc.

The Bottom Line

If you have played Soldier of Fortune and QuakeIII Arena, don't even try this. You will be way disappointed. It is a real shock for me to find out a Microsoft product so bad, so primitive for this times, so childish. They have a “LONG” way to go before they get to, at least, be able to compare to QuakeIII Arena or Soldier of FortuneII.