Hammer & Sickle Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Main menu
Talking with your drill instructor.
The tutorial in which you learn how to move and how to fight.
Designing a character. A lovely guy, isn't he?
Crossing the German border at night.
Your inventory
In your diary all important events are written down.
Only one enemy is in your line of fire.
Currently you have a 65% chance to hit him. You can decide to shoot more precisely but it will cost more action points.
Your skills. It's still early in the game so they are pretty low.
Trading screen
You have always choices but for every decision there is a consequence...
World Map: You can freely decide where you want to go.
Maybe I should not have entered the city with a rifle and a machine gun in my hands.
No it really wasn't such a good idea. Now I have to fight against dozens of cops and American soldiers.
Fighting at a train station.
Let's take a closer look.
Attack on bandit farm
Stats & equipment
Load game
-What is that? -End of map.
-You kill Kenny!

Headless corpse
Some stuffs on the grounds