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Handball Manager 2009: World Edition (Windows)

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Critic Score
100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
User Score
5 point score based on user ratings.

Handball Manager 2009: World Edition Credits


ProducerThomas Schreiber
Idea and ConceptFabian Hertel, Thomas Schreiber
ProgrammersThomas Schreiber, Fabian Hertel, Helmut Buntins, Benedikt Backes, Stephan Abramowski
Graphics and LayoutMarkus Hermanni, Thomas Schreiber, Benedikt Backes, Ariane Wietschke, Stephan Abramowski, Tobias Deml, Fabian Hertel, Christian Zajac, Gabriella Hefner
Game DesignThomas Schreiber, Fabian Hertel, Stephan Abramowski
3D DevelopersStephan Abramowski, Benedikt Backes, Tobias Deml, Thomas Schreiber, Christian Zajac
Database MainentanceAlexander Zapff, Dominik Hitzel, Christian Zajac, Björn Reinartz, Thomas Schreiber, Elvira Schreiber
ManualThomas Schreiber, Fabian Hertel
TextThomas Schreiber, Fabian Hertel
Music and SoundSand Dollars [www.sand-dollars.co.uk], www.maxplay.de
Quality ControlDominik Hitzel, Elvira Schreiber, Benedikt Backes, Björn Reinartz
Co‑operating PartnersHandball Bundesliga [HBL GmbH], HBFV [Handball Bundesliga-Vereinigung Frauen e.V.], Handballwoche [DSV Deutsche Sportverlag GmbH], Sportdigital [HBL.tv]

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