Hardwar (Windows)

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Hardwar Credits


Developed byMark Griffiths, Ciaran Gultnieks, Ian Martin
Design/ProducerAdrian Carless
Creative ManagerPatrick Phelan
Quality/Systems ManagerCarl Cavers
Technical ManagerTim Heaton
Executive ProducerJames North-Hearn
Sound EffectsPatrick Phelan, Kevin Saville
Manual/PackagingChantal Beaumont, Martin Calpin, Richard Cartwright
LocalisationSarah Bennett
Producer/Director (Video)Alan Coltman
Camera OperatorDarren Mills
Lighting CameraMark Clayton
Prop ConstructionNik Hull
Make‑up DesginerAbigail Graves
Make‑up AssistantJudith Crowe
Costume StylistJonathon Musson
ScriptAdrian Carless, Alan Coltman
Scenic ArtistLes Spink
Sound (Video)Kevin Saville
Digital EffectsDarren Mills
CastChris Brailsford (as The Warden), Adrian Carless (as Police Uber-Clerk), Judith Crowe, Sydney Franklin, Gerry Kersey (as Xavier Lazarus), Rachael Morgan, Richard Morgan, Dudley Rees, David Roberts (as Police Chief Saffle), Kate Hull Rogers (as Klamp-G Spokesperson), Richard Ryder (as Jason Lazarus), Benjamin Shepherd (as Syd), David Shimwell, Simon Short, Les Spink (as Pest Controller), Eleanor Tucket, Kate Vale (as Hardwar Veteran's Girl), Richard Waters (as Psycho Bob), Christopher Wilkinson, Kati Williamson (as Apprentice)
Lead TestersPhil Eckford, Nicola Grice
Main TestersChloe Barber, W. Steve Blower, John Blythe, Paul Chapman, Mick Eyre, Asad Habib, Andrew Horne, Dave Imrie, David Kirk, Steve Lycett, Eric Neilson, Matt Parkins, Matt Tuckett, Luke Warhurst, Ian Whitaker, Jonathan Wilson, Neil Wilson
Special Thanks ToSheila Chapman, Paul Desgranges, Darren Lambourne

Interplay Productions

ProducerRyan Rucinski
Vice President of DevelopmentTrish Wright
Division HeadAli N. Atabek
Director of QAChad Allison
QA ManagerSteve Victory
QA IS ManagerFrank Pimentel
IS TechniciansBill Delk, Christian D. Peak
QA Project SupervisorMarvic Ambata
TestersJoshua Walters, David Parkyn, Chris Wood, Jay Nielsen
Compatibility TechniciansLouie Iturzaeta, Derek Gibbs, Jack Parker, Eduardo Robles
Traffic ManagerPaul Naftalis
Manual DesignHolly Lambert

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