Hattrick! Wins Credits


Lead ProgrammerAndras Molnár
Co‑ProgrammingNicolai Czempin, Franz Stradal, Carsten Dachsbacher, Denis Jakupovic, Roger Boerdijk
ArtworkFrederike Böckem, Thomas Krumkamp, Chafiq Rahmani, Thomas Krause
Menu Animations / Additional ArtworkHelmut Dunkel (cyberArtworks), Sander Hermanns (cyberArtworks)
Match Animations / Intro & ExtroPalmer & Jurk
SoundMatthias Steinwachs
Sound EffectsMatthias Steinwachs
Live CommentaryGerd Rubenbauer
Database ResarchPetra Bauer, Aarne Jungerberg, Holger Breitbach, Stefan Kuypers, Wolfgang Merkens
TextsNorbert Beckers
DocumentationNorbert Beckers, Frederike Böckem
LecturerHeike Lorey
BetatestingAarne Jungerberg, Holger Breitbach, Thomas Hawinkels, Marc Oberhäuser, Wolfgang Merkens, Andreas Rosenkranz
Technical SupportFrank Kuypers
ConceptWolfgang Merkens
Project LeadWolfgang Merkens

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