Heavy Metal: F.A.K.K. 2 Credits

Ritual Entertainment

Scott Alden, Beau Anderson, Robert M. Atkins, Zak Belica, Joel Braby, Ron Dimant, Jim Dosé, Mark Dochtermann, Berenger Fish, Michael P. Hadwin, Darrin Hart, Patrick Hook, Richard Gray, Tom Mustaine, Steven Peeler

Gatheringof Developers

Jim Bloom, Matt Burton, Joey Carr-Brown, David Eddings, David Gershik, William Haskins, Jennymarie Jemison, Frederick Jones, Lori Mezoff, Harry A. Miller IV, Doug Myres, Bill Nadalini, Terry Nagy, Andrea Schneider, Jeff Smith, Rick Stults, Mike Wilson, Devin Winterbottom, Pyro

Additional Thanks

ADV Films, Mark Anders, Laurence Ballard, Dennis Bateman, Scott Burns, Brian Burleson, Dave Cail, Andrew J. Collins, Aaron Corcoran, Edward F. D'Arms, Lee Dotson, Epoch Ink., Harald Frankel, Maarten Goldstein, Zach Hall, Erik Hanson, Kathleen Harris, Steve Hessel (BaDmAn), Steve Hutchins, Incite Crew, Reid Kimball, Don MacAskill, Jack Mathews, John Mueller, Old Man Murray, Brandon Riza, Robert Selitto, Paul Smith, Rob Smith, Joel F. Thomas Jr., Charlie Wiederhold, but most importanly wives; kids; girlfriends; friends and families, almost forgot to mention Ray and Paul and our other friends at the Dallas Police Department - thanks for the beer


Julie Strain, Simon Bisley, Kevin Eastman
With the help and support ofRussell Binder, Cinegroupe Animation, Moore Creations, J. Todd Coleman, Howard Jurofsky, KNAC.COM, Restless Records, Luis Royo, Eric Talbot, TheTreshold.com, Trixter Studios, N2 Toys, Winterland

Manual Produced by Mars Publishing

PublisherEdwin E. Steussy
VP of ProductionAmy I. Yancey
Project EditorLars X. Peterson
Graphic ArtistMichael Duggan
Written byJen Hawk

Take 2 Interactive Germany

General ManagerChristoph Hartmann
MarketingMatthias Wehner
Marketing AssistantMarkus Neumann
PRJochen Färber, Alexander Harlander
LocalisationCODA, Hans Schneck, Johannes Deny
Website/EPKLiquid Lounge ‑ www.liquidlounge.de

Tested by Tarantula Studios UK

QA SupervisorMark Lloyd
Lead TesterJames Cree
TestersPaul Byers, Kevin Hobson

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Credits for this game were contributed by Joel Braby (14), Xoleras (65904) and formercontrib (159714)