Written by  :  gilgamex (131)
Written on  :  Apr 11, 2002
Platform  :  Windows
Rating  :  3.29 Stars3.29 Stars3.29 Stars3.29 Stars3.29 Stars

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Wow... um... she's nice to look at.

The Good

The action is frantic. The wide array of weapons are really entertaining to play with. Ritual did a good job using the Quake III engine in a 3rd person game. The character models look great and the environments are interesting.

The Bad

The game was way too short. I don't end up finishing many of my games but this one seemed over before it began. This may be a good thing though. It at least kept my interest long enough to finish. Also, while set in the "Heavy Metal Universe" it didn't really truly feel right. The game really needed to have a "M" rating and be for adult oriented. I don't mean like a porno, but like the magazine. More graphic violence, nudity, and dark themes are kind of what I expect in a Heavy Metal project.

The Bottom Line

Fun action game with a sassy buxom protagonist. Good use of the Quake III Arena engine.