Heavyweight Thunder Credits

Overload Entertainment LLC (Producer)

Executive ProducersScott M. Steinberg, Josh Levetan

RoundHouse Entertainment LLC (Developer)

ProgrammersAdrian Perez, David Perez, Peter Carter
ArtOmar Perez, Dong Pak
SoundRHE Sound Dept.

Iridon Interactive (Publisher)

ProducerBjörn Larsson
PRAndreas Olsson
MusicTobias Palmér
SFXTobias Palmér
"Ship of Fools Feat Akem - Materials"Tobias Palmér (Writer), P. Camilo (Writer), H. Lindroth (Writer), A. Moberg (Writer), C & P 2004 Ship of Fools through Xplosion Sfx & Music Design., All rights reserved.

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