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Atari Australia website - Windows:
    3 minutes, get in...get the money, get out...stay cool. Heist, a game for the PC where crime certainly does pay! Tool yourself up with your lock-pick and your dynamite, get your crew together and embark upon a life of crime. It’s all about pulling heists: casing the joint and then executing the perfect job, without attracting any heat from the law. With more than 20 ‘jobs’ in all, Heist takes you from controlling a new crew holding up gas stations out in Hickville, to a slick well-oiled outfit who can take on the biggest bank in the financial heart of the city. Completing all 20 heists will result in your crew being plucked from obscurity to occupying a well-earned place at the top of the FBI’s ‘most wanted’ list.

  • Dramatic tightly paced levels incorporating stealth and action elements
  • Varied neighbourhoods, each with a distinct visual and crime style
  • The game takes you from small time muggings to big time siege action with SWAT and FBI teams
  • Night and daytime game cycle effects your heist planning and city activities
  • Heist is a game about bank robberies. You are employed by a shadowy gangland boss to plan and execute 20 major heists which will take you from small time hood in the Projects, to the FBI's “Most Wanted” at the heart of the metropolis. You will recruit the best specialists from around the city to form the slickest team
  • The emphasis of game play is on strategy and subterfuge combined with guile and cunning to win out over mindless violence. Your team of bank robbers must learn to equip themselves and develop their specialist skills to maximum effect as they grow in their abilities to carry off ever bigger heists
  • The game takes place in real time with a realistic day/night cycle, and a living city with inhabitants who have realistic routines & behaviours. Heists can take place at night when the city has gone to sleep, but the residents have been replaced by security guards and their dogs, surveillance equipment and sophisticated alarms. Moving stealthily, under cover of night you will use ever increasing levels of technology to take down your prize

    Contributed by Xoleras (66841) on May 20, 2004.

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    3 Minutes.get in...get the money get out...stay cool. Heist, a game for the PC where crime certainly does pay!

    Contributed by Baxter (41) on Jan 22, 2001.