Heist Credits


ProducerReza Elghazi


Lead DesignerChristian Canton
DesignerJames McDonnell


Lead ProgrammerPhillip Jones
ProgrammerChris Hardy


Lead city architecture and scenery designWayne Dalton
City architecture, scenery, cars, front-end and web designKheang Tan
Character sprites design and animationMark Anthony
Intro sequenceThrain Shadbolt


Sound FX and MusicLee Nicklen
Voiceover ProductionAllintheGame Ltd.

Voice Actors

The big boss, Monster, Security guard LA, Gang member LATom Clarke-Hill
The hacker, Prisoner, Gang member LACorey Johnson
Beat cop, Drunk, Shopkeeper NYC, Gang member NV, Generic LABradley Lavelle
Nikita, TV crew, Contact NV, Contact NYC, Generic NYCLaurel Lefkow
The Veteran, Guido Cianfanelli, Hank Mitchell, Biker, Generic NYCEric Meyers
Narrator, Shopkeeper LA, Gang member NYCDian Perry
Biker, Detective, SWAT, Shopkeeper LAJack Roberts
Léon, The colonel, Hector, Lefty, FBI, Head of security, Shopkeeper NV, Gang member NV, Generic NVKerry Shale
The wiseguy, Gang member LA, Security guard NV, Security guard NYCJohn Sharian
William Cody, Drunk LA, Drunk NVRobert B. Sherman


Quality Assurance ManagerPhilip McDonnell
Lead TesterAlexander Stoikou
TestersSteven Frazer, Richard Pomfret, Lee Povey
Trainee TesterBruno Antunes


Product ManagerDavid Corless

Special Thanks

VP of DevelopmentJoss Ellis
ProgrammerAsim Naseer

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Credits for this game were contributed by Kabushi (170776) and deepcut (1834)