Hellbender Credits (Windows)

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Hellbender Credits

Terminal Reality

Co‑ProducersMark Randel, Joseph Selinske
BizBrett Combs
ProgrammingMark Randel, Richard Harvey, Scott Johnson, Paul Russell
Art DirectorTerry Simmons
Lead ArtistDrew Haworth
ArtMark Humphrey, Ray Rodriguez
Cinematic Production CoordinatorKarl Hagood
Cinematic ProductionKarl Hagood, Chea O'Neill
Additional Art and CinematicsTerry Simmons, Michael Porter, Chuck Carson
MusicKyle Richards
Sound EffectsKyle Richards
Level DesignJoseph Selinske, Michael Porter, David Glasscock
Hellbender Story ConceptGeof Miller, Joseph Selinske, Karl Hagood, Drew Haworth


ProducerDanan Davis
PlannerEdward Ventura
Product ManagerChris DiCesare
Cinematic ProducerAlexandra Shapiro
ScreenwriterGeof Miller
Casting DirectorNancy Mutzel
Product Support LeadSteven Kastner
Associate PlannerHeather Burgess
3D Graphics AccelerationJohn Stephens
Development LeadCraig Henry
Documentation Art DirectorJennifer Epps
Documentation EditorAmy Robison
Documentation WriterDaj Oberg
Documentation Icon DesignerConnie Braat
Documentation Senior DesignerChris Lassen
Jewel‑Case DesignerJoAnne Williams
Help ArtistStefan Schwartz
Localization ManagerLaurence Krzemien-Smith
Test LeadMatt Kowalczyk
TestersDustin Rector, Eric Spunaugle, Rick Lockyear, Harold Ryan
Beta CoordinatorRyan Steffen
Beta SysopAndy Wood
ManagementStuart Moulder, Robert Gallup, Brian Bennink, Jo Tyo, Kathleen Billington

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