Hellfire Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Intro scene
Demons are unleashed
Title screen
Entrance to the hive
one of the new map settings
the defiler
The Demon Crypt
New hero: Monk.
Welcome to Tristram.
New non-player character: the farmer.
Entrance to the crypt.
Use the staffs for high-speed attacks.
Solar shrine - one of the eight new shrines in Hellfire.
Oils and runes - new items in Hellfire.
The Search spell will help you in finding treasures.
The farmer gives you first quest.
Auric amulet doubles your gold capacity.
Fighting with Hellboar in the hive.
The sorcerer can restore his mana points with help of a new staff.
Fighting with Psychorbs.
Immolation spell effect
Creating lightning walls.
Total mayhem
More spells in your book
The cathedral map
Surrounded by demons.
Cornerstone of the world - transfer items to the other heroes.
Entrance to the next level
Flesh thing
The Staff of the Jester is a nice object brought by the addon. It casts random spells.
Roast defiler meat anyone?