The US release of the game included interviews with some of the programmers for a then yet to be released game called Half-Life. The videos also show some very early beta footage of the game.

Hidden features

Hellfire has two hidden characters you can play as, the Barbarian and the Bard. The barbarian looks exactly like the warrior, but can wield axes as fast as swords, hit multiple enemies with them, and has 0 max magic. The Bard looks exactly like the Rogue, can wield two one handed weapons for more damage. There are also two hidden quests, and different color palettes for the two new areas. To access these, create a command.txt file in the Hellfire directory containing the line


Or you can only include the hidden features you want. Also including the Cow Quest changes Na'Krul's speech with hilarious effects.


Hellfire was marketed by Sierra, not Blizzard, though it was an authorized add-on, unlike a flood of cheat files and editors that was released around that time. Because of that it was not included in the Diablo: Battle Chest compilation.

Information also contributed by Foxhack and Kasey Chang

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