Written by  :  Technocrat (201)
Written on  :  Feb 25, 2002
Platform  :  Windows

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Fun for a short while

The Good

Audiovisuals are the best bet of HoMM3. Graphically is pleasant, and creatures are well designed and animated (and it's a TBS game). Music is also excellent, and sound effects don't fall from the standard.

The Bad

Replayability suffers greatly from repetitive gameplay. Although there are many campaigns to choose from, every game quickly becomes the same as the previous. It's a matter of improving your cities as soon as possible, therefore improving your creatures. Then, raise as many creatures as you can: in battle, your best chance is outnumber the enemy, even with weaker units. But most important is to find the best hero/monster/spell combination (like regenerating vampires under command of a hero with Vampire specialty). Once found, the game becomes easy even at the King level.

I don't understand also why forests and hills block travel completely: It's a poor way of simplifying and I think shows the designers paid more attention to visual aspects than to game itself. The list of spells is far from being large, and creatures are actually half of the total, as "minor" versions quickly become obsolete.

Supposedly, the Map Editor expands replayability, but making your own scenario needs patience, too much patience. And what's the fun of exploring a world you already know from head to toes? Perhaps playing maps created by others... but as I said every game is the same.

The Bottom Line

Nothing more to say... I think HoMM3 may appeal more to RPG gamers than Strategy ones, as it focus on Heroes (curiously), and has a strong Fantasy paper-and-pencil RPG feeling.