Heroes of Might and Magic V: Tribes of the East Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Main menu
A barbarian hero, and the new Stronghold
Hero screen of the barbarian. The new type of hero included in the expansion.
The Warrior. One of the new creatures in the game.
The Stronghold
The Goblin is the weakest creature in your army.
There are several improvements available, including a Threat Level warning.
A barbarian hero attacking. He shouldn't have dropped the axe, so I suppose I found a bug :D
Several modifications can be sighted while playing in the combat screen. The interface has been slightly modified and Stronghold creatures now have a "rage bar", next to their portrait.
You can now save replays of the combat.
The Succubus seducer is one of the new creatures included by the expansion.
Now, you can choose one of the two available options for upgrading your creatures. AKA 2 types of upgraded creatures.
There are also new and improved graphics for the spellbook.
There are also new skills available in the expansion, skills that are specific to the stronghold heroes.
The new loading screen
Random map
Elves - presents
Faeries deadly duel
Kill the guardians
Centaur's stats
Like a sniper rifle bullet view :D
Only one still standing...

No long
Next enemies - ghosts
Barbarian: I slash!
Skeleton archers - easy target
Faeries garden
Classic slash in head. Old but funny.
Air City.
Gremlin to hire
Sabotage gremlins - weak but annoying enemy.