Heroes of Newerth Credits (Windows)

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Heroes of Newerth Credits


Executive ProducerMarc Deforest (Maliken)
ProducerMarc Deforest (Maliken)
Associate ProducerJames Fielding


Lead ProgrammersJason Morales, Jason Gripp
Junior ProgrammerKyle Gray
ProgrammersJames Reinke (JamesTowN), Shawn Presser
Interface ProgrammerJustin Pereira (Mercenary)
Web ProgrammersMike Foote (KingKtulu), Greg Riley (GoGo)
Intern Web ProgrammerIan Fox (Maide)
Intern ProgrammerSteven Smith (Phlogiston)


Art DirectorsDennis Price (uncredited), Jesse Hayes
Technical ArtistKristopher Zimin (Shippy)
Concept ArtistsBruce Glidewell, Aaron Holley
3D ArtistsEvan Gaugh, Carlos Machuca
Texture ArtistAri Targownik
AnimatorsJeremy Moe, Alonso Soriano
Art InternKyler McLaughlin
Visual FX ArtistArnej Secerkadic


Lead Game DesignerJames Fielding
Associate Game DesignerAlan Cacciamani (Idejder)
UI/Web DesignerAdam Schuur
WriterMark Yohalem


Sound DesignerArnej Secerkadic, http://www.arnej.ca/


Chief Technical OfficerShawn Tooley (Toolz)
System AdministratorJared Hewitt
Game Server AdministratorAlex Richardson


Marketing ManagerLaura Baker (LuLu)
Marketing InternRachel Bower

Public Relations

Public Relations ManagerAlex Josef

Business Development

Biz Dev DirectorRick Bosch
Competitive Play DirectorHassan Bahr


Customer Support ManagerBrad Bower
Customer Support RepKally Fielding
Technical SupportColin MacLean (IAmRoot)


ModeratorsChris Chavez (Chavo), Jialiu Liu (Nome), Lloyd Pick (Limi), Kyle Thomas (DenyTheTruth), Taylor Giampaolo (Warchamp7), Nhat-Tan Duong (Vinthian), Mack Meas (China), William Lam (ElementUser), Nathan Paczan (Sucker)

Special Thanks

Special ThanksOur Families, Alienware, Beta Testers, DMA Holdings, DYA Staff, ESL, GameRepays, Garena, HONCAST, iGames, Nvidia, Peregrine, Razer, S Gamer, SteelSeries

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