Hesperian Wars Ad Blurbs (Windows)

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Back of Box - Pocket Price Games release (UK):
    Hesperia is a fantasy world ruled by the dark. In the wonderful years of its great prosperity the "Hesperian Empire" collapsed. After the unexpected death of its emperor Belruth XVI there was no heir for the Pearl throne. Dead stillness fell over the land, promising peace at least until disputes started among the allies who had won together and their alliances broke apart on details. Peace but at what price...

    Everyone who likes epic fairy tales and visiting "real" fictional worlds will be amazed at the beauty and detailed graphics offered.

    • 100 different missions, guerrilla attacks, defending/attacking embattled places, escorts etc.
    • 4 completely different national groups, each with their own armies and building styles.
    • 4 sets of army troops, each party has dozens of specialists and heroes with completely different abilities.
    • All troops can be trained, equipped with weapons and healed.
    • Dangerous people and monsters attacking anyone who touches their land.
    • Hand painted SVGA high colour graphics and textures for 3D objects.

    Contributed by Daniel Saner (3238) on Feb 09, 2011.