Hesperian Wars Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen after the introductory sequence
Main menu
Choose one of the four available nations.
The game offers an optional, short tutorial mission before starting a new campaign.
Campaigns are divided into chapters of 6 missions each, 5 of which have to be completed in order to progress to the next chapter.
The next mission to be tackled can be chosen from a scrollable map of the lands of Hesperia.
Each mission is motivated by an additional piece of back story.
Mission objectives
Starting out a new mission. Saxanna is one of the hero characters that must not die during a mission.
A battle in the swamplands near the Deborean forests.
Health or mana bars of player and enemy troops can be displayed above their heads.
A few enemies guarding a small fortress. The buildings are three-dimensional and cast shadows.
Debris flies through the air after one of the enemy buildings is destroyed.
Each successfully completed mission is summarized with a few key numbers.
Some buildings allow the recruitment, improvement, or re-equipment of units.
A battle in front of a larger fortification.
In-game options menu