Hexalot Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

The main game screen. This is the first time the game has been played so, as can be seen from the centre circle, no player has been registered yet
A player has been registered and a game is about to commence. before play starts though the game displays a couple of screens showing the back-story and some basic help.
The game map is the same for both Arcade and Adventure games. Each "-" on the map represents a level on the route to the crown
Level One: The simplest level where the object is to build bridges taking the knights from one side of the grid to the other
Tool tips can be disabled in the game's OPTIONS menu
After each level there's a 'Well Done" screen and the option to continue
Some crystals contain coins or treasures
If the crystal selected from the window on the right of the screen does not fit it can be disposed of in the cauldron but this incurs a penalty
A knight has crossed the bridge shown in the previous screen shot. Five points are earned for every cell travelled apart from the one with the coin in it which was worth fifty five points
By level threee the puzzles are using multiple colours and some cells will only accept a specific coloured crystal
Level four sees the introduction of lots more colours and some universal gems
The start of level eight. This shows many cells start containing two knghts.
Level thirteen has a single destination point and many fixed colour cells. They're getting much harder by this point in the game
Level twenty one shows the developers are getting really serious. A significant number of bridges must be built in a specific order for each to reach the single destination castle
One of the eight pages of in-game help text
The game customisation options
As the levels become harder it becomes increasingly likely that the player will run out of time.
When all lives have been used up the player gets the chance to enter the Hall Of Fame and optionally upload their score to the internet
This is the internet Hall Of Fame
This is the local Hall Of Fame with most slots still showing default scores.
The game is available in a shareware, time limited, form