Hidden Expedition: Amazon Credits


Lead DeveloperBenjamin Young
Art DirectorBill Meyer
ProducerPatrick Wylie
ArtistsMoksha Marquardt, Isaac Novak, Lara Schneider, David Stevenson, Jeff Willis, Hamzah Kasom
Concept ArtistsDana Knutson, Jeff Haynie
3‑D Artists/AnimationMichael Baran, Jason Hurst Frye, John Nangle
DevelopersCarl Chavez, Kristen Hebenstreit, Peter Yiap, Ricardo Drouyn-Rivera
Puzzle ConsultantSean Hummel
QA ManagerBrander Roullett (as Brander Badger Roullett)
QA Game LeadWendy Scodeller
QAJeremy Caldwell, Michael Sunwoo, Brishan Merrill-Brown, Chris Tobolski, Joseph E. Ezell (as Joe Ezell), Marquel Basurto Sr. (as Marquel Basurto), Ryan Gibson, Scott Olson, Will Herschelman
SoundAndrew Sayers
Music and Sound EffectsSomaTone Interactive Audio
Music recorded with the Deutsche Film Orchestra
Orchestra Production bySomaTone
Photo CreditsFarhan, Christine Marie Roberson, Mark Goble, Narisa Spaulding
Special thanks toPaul Thelen, Jeremy Lewis, Christian Campbell (as Chris Campbell)
Clipart © 2008Jupiter Images
Copyright © 2008Big Fish Games

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Credits for this game were contributed by Macs Black (80156)