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But as it stands, High Heat is the only true baseball game that you will need on the PlayStation2. Don't be brainwashed by what Game Informer says, as they are nothing but graphics whores who don't care about true gameplay. Listen to myself and everyone else who picked this baseball game above all others, and be it known that I stand by the 5 GiN Gem rating so deserving of such a marvelous series.
GameStar (Germany) (May, 2002)
High Heat 2003 besticht durch seine akribische Umsetzung des US-Nationalsports. Die Auswahl an Pitch-Varianten, Spielzügen und Management-Optionen erschlägt selbst Baseball-Kenner. Ein Menüdesign, das jeder Tabellenkalkulation Konkurrenz macht, erschwert zusätzlich den Einstieg. In den orginalen Stadien gehen dagegen dank der gelungenen Steuerung selbst komplizierte Curve-Balls leicht von der Hand. Durch wechselnde Wind- und Wetterbedingungen spielt sich jede Partie anders. Wem eine Baseball-Simulation nicht realistisch genug sein kann, sollte bei 3DO den Schläger schwingen. Allen anderen Fans der Brennball-Variante empfehlen wir das zugänglichere Triple Play Baseball von EA Sports.
GameSpy (May 03, 2002)
And that is a darn shame because High Heat Major League Baseball was supposed to be the "one." It was going to deliver us to the promised land of baseball sports gaming righteousness. The game does deliver the best graphical baseball experience available on any platform, but 3DO is clearly resting on its laurels as far as PC development goes. If you are new to the High Heat series then by all means purchase High Heat 2003 since it is essentially a patched version of High Heat 2002. I'd suggest 3DO look to Papyrus Racing and its NASCAR Racing 2002 Season model to see how a developer can add value to a product without creating a completely new program. Papyrus Racing fans generally felt good about some really nice incremental upgrades in their product. High Heat fans generally feel they received the High Heat 2002 patch they were waiting for last year in a High Heat Major League Baseball 2003 box.
IGN (Apr 15, 2002)
Bottom line -- if you have High Heat MLB 2002, you can skip this year's edition, unless you're willing to drop $30+ for some tweaks and a roster update -- and even then, you're getting outdated rosters anyway. But if on the other hand if you're sick of the arcade-style console games masquerading as PC sports games, are looking for a richer, deeper, more satisfying baseball experience, and have yet to give High Heat a try, then 2003 is a good way to go.
Armchair Empire, The (Jun 08, 2002)
Baseball. The only sport where the action is limited to spurts of 10 seconds or less when the ball is in play, but what an exciting 10 seconds it can be. The game can range from simplistic to the frighteningly strategic and because of that, making a game based on the American national pastime can be difficult. 3DO’s offering, High Heat Major League Baseball 2003 is an interesting attempt at a modular baseball game – one that can be both a simulator and a pick-up title. The results are a mixed bag; you end up with a title that is really fun to play once you overlook the problems.
GameSpot (May 25, 2002)
While the heart of High Heat Major League Baseball 2003 is an impressive rendition of the national pastime, there are so many flaws in the surrounding layers that this achievement is very hard to appreciate. Many of these flaws have been with the series since its inception, though they have usually been offset by mitigating factors. It's hard to complain about subpar stadium art when you're taking part in nail-biting extra-inning contests complete with flawlessly realized pitcher-batter confrontations. This year, however, in the almost complete absence of anything new, the problems overwhelm the positives. Think of this game as an old baseball. It might still have a solid core, but the soggy yarn and torn cover make shagging flies with it something less than enjoyable.
If I could I’d return to High Heat 2002, but my Windows XP system prevents that. My only choice is to keep tinkering with the tune file and hope I figure out a solution. But even if I fail, I’ll live with the skewed strikeout numbers and the other quirks, because there isn’t a better game. It’s a shame, though, that this great series has taken a few steps backward.