Hired Team: Trial GOLD (Windows)

ESRB Rating
Critic Score
100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
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5 point score based on user ratings.

Hired Team: Trial GOLD Credits


ProducerAlexey Medvedev
Public relationsAlexey Medvedev
GUI programmerAlexey Medvedev
Project managerSergey Mironov
Lead designerSergey Mironov
WriterSergey Mironov
Lead programmerAndrey Honitch
"Shine" engine authorAndrey Honitch
Game programmerVadim Verescshetin, Sergey Rozkov
AI programmerVadim Verescshetin
Net programmerSergey Rozkov
Technical documentationOleg Petrov
Level designerAlexander Landa, Stanislav Melnikov
Game designerAlexander Landa, Stanislav Melnikov, Vasily Vasiliev
3D ModelerEugeni Dudin, Igor Antipenko
AnimatorEugeni Dudin
Shine script programmingVasily Vasiliev
Visual effect designerVasily Vasiliev
ArtistIgor Antipenko, Irina Yegorova
DesignerIrina Yegorova
PRMikhail Kabanov
TesterMikhail Kabanov
MusicDirty Moleculas, K‑D Music, Ruber
Special ThanksAlexander Khalyavin, Irina Yegorova, Alexander Fomchenkov, Alexandra Borisova, Vyacheslav Rudnikov, Mathias Balzer, Matthias Grabmair, Felix Jäger, Benedikt Plass, Katja Knierim, Volker Grünthaler, Stuart Chiplin, Kerri Davies, Marlene Sebastiani


Game programmerOleg Petrov
ArtistAndrey Kokorev, Dmitry Mesyatsev
TesterAlexey Antonenko
Special ThanksVyacheslav Rudnikov
Sound directorRuben Sarkisyan

Easy Computing

Product ManagerRoel Peters
Special ThanksTim Peters

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