Homeworld Credits (Windows)

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Homeworld Credits


Original ConceptDavid J. Williams
Lead DesignErin Daly
DesignAdam Bullied, Quinn Duffy
Lead ProgrammingLuke Moloney
ProgrammingJason Dorie, Drew Dunlop, Keith Hentschel, Bryce Pasechnik, Falko Poiker, Gary Shaw, Darren Stone
Music / Sound ProgrammingShane Alfreds, Myriam Joire
Lead ArtistAaron Kambeitz
Graphics / ArtworkWes Eckhart, Andy Lang, Kelly O'Hara, Erin Olorenshaw, Arthur Shimizu, David T. Cheong, Arthur We
SoundPaul Ruskay, Studio X Production Labs - Vancouver - Canada, Roger Savoie, Headroom Studios - Vancouver - Canada
Art DirectorRob Cunningham
Manual Graphic DesignRubber Oven Design
DocumentationRob Cunningham, Thomas Graham, Aaron Kambeitz
Executive ProducerRon Moravek
ProducerCurtis Terry
DirectorAlex Garden
Writing / Dialogue / StoryMartin Cirulis
Acting / VoiceoversBrian Arnold, Heidi Ernest, Ian James Corlett, Campbell Lane, Tina Savoie, David Sobolov, Michael Sunczyk, Jason Wingham, Lucas Wolf
UndeterminedFrank Roberts
Astronomy ConsultantJaymie M. Matthews
Deep Space Dry Methane MartinisJaymie M. Matthews
Beta TestingThe fine folks at Valve Software, The boys at Firing Squad, The Sierra crew, www.Homeworld.org
Clean Power provided byESP Electronic Systems Protection Inc.
Special ThanksPeter Elson, Chris Foss, Ralph Angus McQuarrie, Joe Johnston, Nilo Rodis-Jamero, Rhett Brewer, Elijah's Mantle, Ridley Scott, Vangelis (Vangelis), Astronomy Magazine, Space Telescope Science Institute, Ed Konyha, Johan Thornton, HempBC, Cannabis Canada, Starbucks ‑ Yaletown, Subeez Cafe, The Cambie Bakery, The Elbow Room, Tigalo's, Rainman, The Lemon Grind, God - whoever She is, Geoffrey Keighley, Dan McBride, Elliot Chin, Genevieve Waldman, James Veevaert (Don't hurt me...), Chris Taylor, Donald A. Mattrick, Myriam Deschenes, Drew McLean (Dude I gotta go home), Kristi the Kick-Ass Costco lady from Maui, Dugald Mcpherson (Royal Bank of Canada), Norman - for getting me into this business
Extra Special ThanksGeorge Lucas (for the inspiration), Peter Molyneux (for the advice), Scott Lynch (for making everything possible)
Special Thanks for DesignGregory A. MacMartin, Jonathan Mavor
Special Thanks for Financial ConsultationLance Davis (Kill 'em All!)
Tolerance ThanksErica, Paige, Monica Alfreds, Carol Duffy, Our families & friends - who don't remember us but we still love them
Homeworld Website - Art LeadRubber Oven Design
Homeworld Website - Design & ProductionFirstWeb Communications

Sierra Studios

Senior Vice PresidentScott Lynch
General ManagerJ. Mark Hood
Director of MarketingJames Veevaert
Product ManagersDan Amdur, Doug Lombardi
PR ManagerGenevieve Waldman
Creative ServicesJustin Kirby


QA ManagerGary Stevens (Koros)
QA SupervisorKen Eaton (Sunshine)
QA LeadsTorsten Reinl (Uwajimaya), Bernadette Pryor (Audona)
QA AnalystsErinn C. Hamilton (Ares), Phil Kuhlmey (Nautikus), Andrew Coward (Queen Mum), Danny Harrison (RosterCogburn), Matt Julich (Slinky), Marc Nagel (The Stalker), Bryan Walker (Kung-Fu Chicken), Lester Stocker (Mr. Wags), Cade Myers (Tre_D), Darren Beil (Force Majeure), Chris Mason (No Name)
PC TechnicianByron Hummel (Death's Shadow)
Compatibility LabPat Callahan (Garden Weasel)
Titan Lead EngineerStuart Seelye
Titan EngineersBrian Rothstein, Mike Nicolino, Erik DeBonte, Colen Garoutte-Carson, Lee Olds, Eric J. Harman

German Voices

PilotsStefan Müller-Ruppert, Jan Reinarz, Christoph Lüdke
Fleet CommandSabine Niethammer
Bentusi TraderHelmut Woestmann
Millitary Intelligence ServicePeter Engel

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Credits for this game were contributed by Patrick Mills (73), Xoleras (66891) and formercontrib (159773)