Hope Springs Eternal Credits (Windows)

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Hope Springs Eternal Credits


DevelopersMikael Nyqvist, Eleen Nyqvist
Creative ConsultantLen Green
ActorsLotta Anderson (Castle Guide), Bigge as The Caretaker, Elin Lantto (Edit Nystrom), Björn Larsen (Cemetary Worker), Marie Lundgren (Anna Bergion), Peter Lundmark (Alex Weber), Per Norström (Per Vegander), Ann Nyström (Katarina Vogel), Mikael Nyqvist (Junkyard-Nisse), Sara Louise Williams (Stina in the Kiosk)
Voice ActorsPetra Lundgren (Stina in the Kiosk), Max Novak (Voice on Answering Machine), Eleen Nyqvist (Anna Bergion), Mikael Nyqvist (Alex Weber), Gareth Williams (The Caretaker), Sara Louise Williams (Carol's Voice)
MusicMikael Nyqvist
Beta TestersJames Alexander, Astrid Beulink, Tibby Booth, Sébastien Bouchta, Sylvia Brauer, Tuula Härmä, Hammzah Idrees, Håkan Larsson, Laura MacDonald, Mike Maglione, Max Novak, Ana Sprague, Bill Wright

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