Hospital Tycoon Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen
Main menu
Choose your level in the story mode.
Loading screen
The beginning of the intro for all episodes
One of the main protagonists (Episodeintro)
The door to the hospital you have to manage in the story mode (Episodeintro).
The story is told in small in-game cut-scenes.
Your first patients of the day are coming in.
He's sick but still happy.
You can click on any patient to get more information about him.
If you click on a staff member, you'll get more information about him.
The research room in which you discover cures for new diseases.
A Golf Rage Victim - rather obvious :).
The hospital computer where you can find all vital information.
The list of patients that are currently in your hospital.
Your currently employed staff members. You can also hire new staff from here.
The treatment card for Lightbulbia. It looks like I have everything I need to cure those patients.
An aerial view of your hospital for a better overview
Building a new room with high tech scanning equipment.
Your hospital rating is very important.
You can jump into any person and watch his journey through the hospital and look around.
The social life of your staff is very important (not only for the plot progress)
You can train your staff with this machine - or watch the super bowl from all angles.