Written by  :  Bruce Edwards (2)
Written on  :  Aug 12, 2003

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A diamond in the rough.

The Good

Eye popping graphics and attention to detail that, even today (08/2003) still look fantastic. Day-night cycles and lighting effects especially.

Also, it sports a well-written plot revealed by inventive cutscenes.

Extremely playable - the process of skipping from buiding to planning to fighting is painless and seamless.

The Bad

No level designer. No multiplayer mode (an unforgivable omission that sinks any replay value).

The Bottom Line

An excellent game that suffers from 'play-it-once-itis'. The game design, AI, and controls all ooze professionalism and polish.

Unfortunately, much like 'Max Payne', it suffers from a lack of replayability largely due to a lack of a 'skirmish' or multiplayer mode.