Hot Wheels: Slot Car Racing Credits


Executive ProducersDaniel Elenbaas, David Mann
Producer and DesignerDaryle Conners
Director of 3D DevelopmentDavid C. Hooper
Lead DeveloperDavid P. Lawson
DeveloperThanh V. Nguyen, Kevin Wright
A.I. DeveloperRobert J. Kirkpatrick
Network DeveloperPaul J. Furio
DynamicsCarey Kriger (Digital Vehicle Inc.)
Intern DevelopersReuben Fries, Aaron Lee
Creative DirectorPhillip Trumbo
Production DesignerWilliam R. Sears
Lead ArtistLes Betterly
Project Lead and 3D ArtistChris Cvetkovich
3D ArtistEric D. Gingrich
3D ModelingEric D. Gingrich
Texture ArtistForrest Keyes, Peter Fries
3D Artist Lorian Kiesel Taylor
Additional ModelingJason Newkirk, Mike Prittie, Forrest Keyes
Additional ArtLyndon Sumner
Art CoordinatorJeffrey Betterley
Opening CinematicMark Cvetkovich
Live Action DirectorPhillip Trumbo
Video EditorEric D. Gingrich
Virtual Set DesignerChris Cvetkovich
CinematographerSteven Moses
Costumes and PropsVenessa Vogel
ScriptDaryle Conners
Additional DialogueKaty Dwyer
Sound DesignMark Yeend, Drew Cady
Music composed and Performed byRobbi Finkel (Opening / Jungle Isle / Stoneage Speedway / Knight's Kingdom and Wonderland), Chris Cutler (Space Race / Chaos City / Rattlesnake Raceway / Haunted Hill)

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Credits for this game were contributed by Stephanie Putnam (473)