Hot Wheels: Stunt Track Driver Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main menu
Pre-built courses
Select a car from your case - each with unique performance
Perform stunts during ramp jumps
Successful landing after stunt electrifies car with more time/performance
Down the track for major jump ramp
Landed success electrifies car more time/performance
Landing on ramp
Stats after track run - 35 stunts
Skill increase from successful stunts earns more cars in your case
Final finish in living room across glass table into big screen
Uh mom, dad it was an accident
Another stunt landing kids room
Over the computer back flip
Some obstacles come right at you
Dodging to miss the coming car
Some obstacles are stationary on track headed for finish
Circle spin into trash can finish
Construct your own course
Built it really complex
Or erase your last add-ons an simplify
Slide through corner don't hit the side for better speed
Car has lights in the garage build track